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naked except for a perpetual debt

girl comatose
20 July 1983
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such a glorious mess . . .

polyphonic :: stereosonic
(the user formerly known as berlin_)

you disappoint me
you people rakin’ in on the world
the devil’s script sells
you the heart of a blackbird

jen; 23; once tatted & never pierced
864 forevermore; feminist, not femi-
nazi. just your average avid reader
supergeek in love with a boy.

writing - radiofreeberlin
sex & the suburbs - na_amah
roleplaying - twentyseventeen
music - last.fm/user/misfire
yrspace? - myspace.com/misfire

♫ :: pink floyd, elliott smith, nirvana,
the beatles, paul van dyk, hot hot heat,
the get up kids, better than ezra, kanye
west, led zeppelin, songs: ohia, johnny
cash, heatmiser, pedro the lion, sahara
hotnights, iron & wine, franz ferdinand

♥ :: jeremy, wegmans, rochester in the
summer, roleplaying, homemade skirts &
t-shirt surgery, thrift stores & yard
sales, mixtapes, journals, falls park,
coffee underground, harry potter, as
the world turns, house, good eats

and that's just the sampler platter
we ain't even scratched the surface, baby.

shine on me baby
cause it’s rainin’ in my heart

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